Sunday, October 18, 2009

LA Fashion Week and Maly's

All I can say is the past week has been BUSY!  For LA Fashion week (Los Angeles Fashion Week takes place each March (for fall collections) and October (for spring collections) in locations throughout the Los Angeles Area.) , I was able to do hair for Ximena Valero.  She wanted her models to have their hair slicked back with braids on one side.  The end result is the pic on the right.  The first pic is all the hair that we braided and attached into the models existing hair.  It was pretty cool.  Then on Friday I was able to do the FBI Launchpad Fashion show which featured these designers: Scooter Girls, So-Me Designs, Alana Hale, MARISKA, and Dzhavael.  The hair for these designers were more upstyle and messy on the side.  Almost like the Eva Longoria updo bob look.  That was pretty fun!

This morning I went to the Maly's Undressed Education seminar.  This is for hairdressers to take classes from Redken, L'Oreal, Sexy Hair, Pureology, Farouk, Matrix, etc...  I was able to take the Redken class with David Stanko, he is amazing.  David has been with Redken  for over 10 years and develops their color line and is a color expert.  I learned some really cool color techniques from him. Second session was with Sexy Hair with Michael O'Roark.  He is a very humble hairdresser and had really good business ethics to share.  The Sexy hair team was very energetic and rocked with their performance on stage.  Two artist were sharing the stage giving one girl a haircut while grooving with the dance beat of the music.  It was cool.  The last class I took was the L'Oreal.  It wasn't as good as the other two shows.  It was kind of boring but I did learn a great Upstyle technique, so that was well worth it.
And that my friends was what ended my week and weekend. 
Thanks for reading!

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