Thursday, October 8, 2009

The start of a new Blog!

So this is it!  I am starting this blog and no one can stop me.  Lindsey is the culprit of me doing this.  I figure this is a way I can talk about hair and anything else on my mind.  I promise I will keep this blog exciting and full of cool tips and tricks about hair, makeup, fashion, etc...!  Oh and sometimes random stuff.  Well, let's see today was nice.  A really chill day at the salon.  I discovered a lot about fringe.  There are so many ways to do them.  The popular one that I've been doing is the Anne Hathaway bangs in "The Devil Wears Prada".  It's cool cause it's a full bang that isn't heavy.  The texture takes out that heavy weighted look.  I do enjoy it alot and it looks really sexy.  My client tomorrow that is getting married has this look.  I'm doing her hair and makeup.  I am putting her hair up and she is keeping her bangs just like Anne's and I am putting the rest of her hair up.  I'll take a pic and show it on tomorrow's blog.  Oh by the way, I met a really cool photographer (Colin) yesterday at the salon.  He is friends with Brittany one of my co-workers and was going to take pics of her to help her with her headshots. As I was curling Brittany's hair he passed me his business card so I checked out the website and was amazed at the beautiful work of photography. 
Ok that's all I have today, see you tomorrow.

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